Abolitionist for All Crimes - No Death Penalty

Countries Exercising the Death Penalty

Abolitionist for ordinary crimes only

Abolitionist De Facto - Government Imposed Moratorium

African Group

Asia-Pacific Group

Eastern European Group

Latin American and Caribbean Group

Western European and Others Group

Disputed territory

(30) -

States with the death penalty

(20) -

States without the death penalty

(4) -

States with a Governor-imposed moratorium


UNGA Vote 2007 Resolution 62/149

UNGA Vote 2008 Resolution 63/168

UNGA Vote 2010 Resolution 65/206

UNGA Vote 2012 Resolution 67/176

UNGA Vote 2014 Resolution 69/186

UNGA Vote 2016 Resolution 71/484

UNGA Vote 2018 Resolution73/589

2ยบ Optional Protocol to the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rigths